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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In Memory of Fiona

Fiona was hit by a car today and she is no longer with us. I am still so numb that I don't know what to do with myself - so I thought that I would write some remeberances of her here.

She just turned 3 this month. She was the last kitten born in the litter and I didn't even think that she would make it then. Her mother was so tired that I think she would a left if I hadn't picked her up and put her next to her mothers head. She was very sweet to me but generally disliked all the other cats. She loved the dogs however and love to curl up with them. In the mornings she would softly come and gently pat her paw on my face to say "good morning," but really it meant feed me. A typical activity of hers was chasing a butterflies, and looking really ridiculous doing it. It always made me stop and smile when I saw her doing that. For the most part she was a very gentle kitty. I called her my "fluff muffin." I shall miss her terribly. It's only been a few hours and I still can not believe it. I know that it may sound silly to others, but my babies are my family and each one is very special is their own unique way. I will so miss the wistfulness that was Fiona!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Giant Bhangra II

If you live in the Central Valley in California and have never experienced the joy and fun of the Punjabi Folk Dance Competition of Bhangra, then you need to come see this really exciting event.

Saturday,May 03
Giant Bhangra II
Punjabi Folk Dance Fusion
Competitive Bhangra returns to COS for the 2007-2008 Season!

Bhangra is both a lively dance which is from the region of Punjab, now divided between north India and Pakistan, and the musical accompaniment to the dance. Traditionally, lyrics reflected the harvest celebration, love, patriotism or current social issues.
Today the word "bhangra" is more associated with the style of dance, and the musical fusion of the traditional forms and rhythms with hip-hop, pop, house and reggae.
Come check out the west-coast and Canada's top college, university, and independent teams compete against one another for $3,500 in prizes.

6:00 PM
Fox Theater
$20 VIP$10 General $5 Children under 5ASB Free

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Time of Overwhelming Desire to Scream - but in a good way

So I've reached a part of the year, particularly the school year, where things are winding down, deadlines are looming for both me and the students and a general melaise has settled over the world (it must be getting close to summer). Keeping up with all the little things details is becoming quite a task.

This brings me to this weeks commitment I have to Everything Skwiggle and all of the wonderful artists, who, like myself are trying to make a difference in all of their endeavors. One such artist is Hiliary Johnson of Designing Hilary. Her jewelry is sublime, and she, like so many of us is balancing family, other jobs, other people and our art. Check out her work at

It's been hard to stay on task with this new commitment. I love it, but sometimes life just steps every aspect of your like up a notch, and keeping up is like running a drastic race against the clock. Well, what does that mean. It means that at this moment I am way behind schedule, and hoping for a big , long nap this weekend.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Down Under the Loupe

Another great day in California. At least in my neck of the woods. It's supposed to be in the 90's today. April and the 90's - just doesn't seem right. Our Spring and Fall are almost non existent. If you blink too long you will miss it. And our Spring was early this year - like February. Now on the other side of the world I saw that our own Annette Piper is gearing up for Fall and Winter. Part of me is wishing I could be there.
Although our summers can be pretty in their own right I really, really don't like the heat. Curling up in front of a nice warm fireplace seems so much nicer. And I liked her preparations for the cool weather. To find out go to Under the Loupe and check out what Annette does, but also check out her jewelery. Really great pieces.

So here's to hot summers and cold winters no matter what part of the world you are in.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Cold N Flu Season

So, it got me. I have been plagued with the dread cold/flu thingy that has been going around our area. I hope no one of you have. Yuk!!! I have literally been just going through the day waiting to curl up in bed and sleep. So consequentially I have been really remiss in everything Cherished Dreams. I haven't even been really sewing, and boy do I have a list to get through just with that, not to mention the yard work, teaching, and my very feeble attempt at keeping the house in order. At least with the last part I do have some help.

But today I am trying to do a little quiet catch up. I see that our Skwiggle honouree this week is CigarBoxbead . Really a unique shop. Our artist weaves beads. A really fun but fragile technique. My father taught me bead weaving year ago. And as CigarBoxBead says it is addictive. But what is great about her blog site it that she has only taken the time to honor other artists.

Bead weaving is an ancient art and the native Americans have some of the best examples. You can weave items as small as rings to items as large as a coat or vest. Ha huh, yup, you sure can. The native Americans also used these woven beaded masterpieces as money or wampum, if I am remembering correctly - so that they could carry their assets with them and then trade with them as well.