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Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Cold N Flu Season

So, it got me. I have been plagued with the dread cold/flu thingy that has been going around our area. I hope no one of you have. Yuk!!! I have literally been just going through the day waiting to curl up in bed and sleep. So consequentially I have been really remiss in everything Cherished Dreams. I haven't even been really sewing, and boy do I have a list to get through just with that, not to mention the yard work, teaching, and my very feeble attempt at keeping the house in order. At least with the last part I do have some help.

But today I am trying to do a little quiet catch up. I see that our Skwiggle honouree this week is CigarBoxbead . Really a unique shop. Our artist weaves beads. A really fun but fragile technique. My father taught me bead weaving year ago. And as CigarBoxBead says it is addictive. But what is great about her blog site it that she has only taken the time to honor other artists.

Bead weaving is an ancient art and the native Americans have some of the best examples. You can weave items as small as rings to items as large as a coat or vest. Ha huh, yup, you sure can. The native Americans also used these woven beaded masterpieces as money or wampum, if I am remembering correctly - so that they could carry their assets with them and then trade with them as well.

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