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Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Listing

I have completed my first charity quilt for the quilt guild I beling to. I hope to do one a month. I may have to do two one month so that I make 12. They will go a local hospice - that very important to me. But anyway here is the charity quilt - it's kind of cute.

And I think that I can pat myself on the back a little. I finally have two new listings on Etsy. They are rather charming and would accent any room quite well. I do hope people like them, as much as I like them!
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

First, and Thank You

First. I want to thank Toni at TweedleBee's for turning me onto Etsy, which in turn has given me the courage to look in new directions. It took me a year of being on Etsy to start stepping out of the box a little bit more, but if Toni had not come along with her suggestion, then well, I don't know
So, Thank You Toni
Please visit her Etsy shop at
Below find a close up of one of my favorite pieces that Toni has made. She has such wonderful ideas for children!

Taken from Toni description:
"The Circle Game" is an original design by Toni, a Montana quilter. Measuring 33.5 X 44 inches, this quilt is suitable for hanging on a wall or for a special baby. Eighteen batik circles are hand appliqued with a swirl of quilting in their middles, placed in the centers and intersections of the blocks.

A New Adventure

It is a new day and a new beginning for me and Cherished Dreams. I am finally entering the world of blogging. Very hard for me as I tend to be a very private person and abhor being too involved in technological communication. But, I, like everyone else, just love noodling on the computer. On the other end of the scale, I absolutely dislike the telephone and have my entire life. Oh! How to fill those empty spaces, where there is no dialogue. But I digress.

Today, I begin this site to highlight some of the other aspects of my life, some of the artists I have come to love, because their work is so beautiful and perhaps create a place where some of my students can be helped out in their work, for the classes that I teach.

Besides my talent of quilt making, I have been a set designer and scenic artist for fifteen years. Not only do I love fabric, but I love paint. I love creating atmospheres and textures with paint. It has been the most rewarding thing I have done with my art degrees, other then teach. I teach art appreciation - which has aloud me, to perhaps, give my students (college age) a different perspective on seeing and being aware of the world they live in.
So in this site you may visit a museum, or journey through a film and perhaps read some of my thoughts on teaching the appreciation of art. You may have some questions, that perhaps I can give some insight to. Or we may all be able to enlighten my students. That is one of the adventures that I am embarking on.
So visit from time to time to see how things develop.
You can always check out my work at: , or see what I have available to purchase, quilts that is, at: ,
Please enjoy!!!