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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Time of Overwhelming Desire to Scream - but in a good way

So I've reached a part of the year, particularly the school year, where things are winding down, deadlines are looming for both me and the students and a general melaise has settled over the world (it must be getting close to summer). Keeping up with all the little things details is becoming quite a task.

This brings me to this weeks commitment I have to Everything Skwiggle and all of the wonderful artists, who, like myself are trying to make a difference in all of their endeavors. One such artist is Hiliary Johnson of Designing Hilary. Her jewelry is sublime, and she, like so many of us is balancing family, other jobs, other people and our art. Check out her work at

It's been hard to stay on task with this new commitment. I love it, but sometimes life just steps every aspect of your like up a notch, and keeping up is like running a drastic race against the clock. Well, what does that mean. It means that at this moment I am way behind schedule, and hoping for a big , long nap this weekend.

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