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Friday, April 25, 2008

Giant Bhangra II

If you live in the Central Valley in California and have never experienced the joy and fun of the Punjabi Folk Dance Competition of Bhangra, then you need to come see this really exciting event.

Saturday,May 03
Giant Bhangra II
Punjabi Folk Dance Fusion
Competitive Bhangra returns to COS for the 2007-2008 Season!

Bhangra is both a lively dance which is from the region of Punjab, now divided between north India and Pakistan, and the musical accompaniment to the dance. Traditionally, lyrics reflected the harvest celebration, love, patriotism or current social issues.
Today the word "bhangra" is more associated with the style of dance, and the musical fusion of the traditional forms and rhythms with hip-hop, pop, house and reggae.
Come check out the west-coast and Canada's top college, university, and independent teams compete against one another for $3,500 in prizes.

6:00 PM
Fox Theater
$20 VIP$10 General $5 Children under 5ASB Free

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