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Friday, August 8, 2008

A Little Naughty But NICE

I don't know, there seems to be a allure in the air. Have you ever wondered why certain things seems to happen in synchronicity with one another?

I was thinking about what to write about in my blog this week and checking out all my different ports, if you will, on the Internet, when I came across my friend Laurie's plea to buy her corset. It is just adorable. So I decided to help out in a little promotion for her and I thought that I could tie it into Skwigga-zine blog ring promotion, when low and behold I discovered that we are promoting our own Skwigga-zine this week. Today when I went to our front page there was all the eye candy of wonderful bits and pieces that we all work so hard on and one in particular that went with my idea was Corinne Sullivan's new painting, which she was showing us on our magazine. Just what I needed. So now I am really thinking out three different elements of promotion. Laurie and her great designs in corset and just about anything else you might want (such a talent), Corinne and her new painting, which is flirty, sweet and a little naughty, and Skwigga-zine, because it really affords us the opportunity to get out there and hopeful encourage us to be seen!!!!!!

"This is a blue and white vinyl corset lined with corset weight coutil. It is boned with Rigelene so it is great as a fashion top or as a corset. It is bound with red bias tape and laces up the center back with 12 silver eyelets "

Corinne's newest painting.... "Everyone Found Her Charming... 'But She Was A Mess Inside'. 16 x 20, mixed media.This painting is a mixed media experiment where I painted an under painting in acrylic, collage translucent paper over it and painted the pinup and border in oils. I then set Swavorski crystals into the painting for a little extra sparkle. This painting will be in the PAPA Gallery in Paducah starting today through the end of October."
So enjoy and give all these artists your sincere contemplation. They are all very talented and without Missy of Skwigga-zine some of this might not be possible

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