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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I made two sales this month - very exceiting

I have finally had a couple of sales this month. It just makes you feel better about what you are doing. The one piece that I sold, which has been a personal favorite of mine is my alphabet wall hanging. It is so colorful and so cute. I can just imagine a small child looking at.

I love to hear stories about children and I really loved my childhood. Which might be one reason why I don't have any. I sometimes think it couldn't be any better then mine. But Michelle of Michabella Creations seems to be have a great yet realistic mommyhood. Like my mom, she recognize that "mommy" is a better person with a little "me." Something I don't think that enough of us do any way, let alone moms - the hardest most loving job in the world.

Now Annette on the other hand is really just one a creative edge lately - and busy, busy, with the making and selling of her jewelry (gorgeous by the way). You should check out Under the Loupe. She has a real eye for color and arrangements. She is also another busy mom.

When it cools down here - like autumn I hope that I too will be busy, busy busy. Almost done with my baby quilt commission. I am so excited - surf boards and palm trees - for a baby no less. So much fun to do.

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