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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Newest Quilt - and it was commisioned

Here I present my newest creation. This is a baby quilt, which was commissioned by a local person. The theme that her daughter came up with was a beach/ocean bedroom for her soon to arrive baby boy. So i took examples of the crib sheets that she had picked and came up with this really cute and cool surfer quilt. Personally, i love it. I don't always get overly excited about one of my "creations," but this one was fun to think about, pick out the fabric for, and then create and make. And it is really ooohhh soooo soft. I hope they enjoy it.

Another of our artist seems to always be full of great ideas, which she gets really excited about. Meet Corinne Sullivan (Day Dream Art Studio Blog ), who love to make sunshine and cheer with just about everything she does. She makes jewelry and here she is adding her style to her display walls for her booth, for her next craft fair. They are wonderful.

And to top that all off she loves to give that joy to her children and their friends by passing on her love of creating. Great job Corinne.


ThreadBeaur said...

That quilt is great! How lucky that baby will be to have such a wonderful blanket!

Cherished Dreams said...

Thank you