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Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's been Awhile

Well I haven't written anything for awhile. Between being busy and tired and my computer finally calling it a day, I haven't been much interested in keeping up with just about anything. New things in my life is, of course a new computer. Wow - it is just beautiful and is sooooooo fast and smooth. But I have also acquired a new family member - another dachshunds.
Sounds crazy - I know - but it's one of the things I do. I love animals. And this little guy (Not really - he is the largest doxie I have ever had), came along right at the same time that I lost my beloved Fiona. Now I am 5 and 5 - Five kitties and five doxies. It is like kindergarten is always in session and there is rarely a dull a moment.
Although everyone seems to know when Mom - me - wants quiet time.
Here is Sadie (Sarah) - my little old lady at nine and half

And this is Hilliard - one of Sadie's sons and he is just about to turn eight.
This is Steifel - Fiona's brother in his new favorite position and look on his face.
This is Peanut - the newbie at five years old


Michelle said...

I just wanted to talk with a fellow doxie owner. I had to put my precious Andy down this week. He was only 5, and went bad very quickly. Have any of yours ever lost their back ends? It happened so quickly, and I took him to the vet right away, who put him on medicine. Unfortunately, he only got worse and we went to see a specialist who left the decision up to us, but ultimately his quality of life wouldn't have been good. I'm just so distraught and I will post my tribute to him when I'm feeling up to it.

By the way, I got the e-mail Missy forwarded to me. I agree, the blog ring has been very disappointing. However, if you're still up to participating, then we will have 5.

Michelle said...

Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. You're very sweet:)