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Friday, June 27, 2008

It Really is in the Air

Maybe Spring cleaning has just hit me really late this year. It really does seem that a lot of people are in flux this year. Hilary Johnson of Designing Hilary

said she had been feeling that same way I have been feeling. But to her good stead, it looks like she has been working, creating new luscious items for us to drool over, along with the rest of that stuff we call life.

For me - instead of getting to work - I decided to start redoing my floor in the main part of my house ( uh - mobile - euphemism for easy to tear apart and recreate all by myself). I did about 1/3 of it because that is all I can afford right now. I will have to add the rest as money will allow. And I went green - if you remember Lily of Tulip's Treasure challenge of a week ago. I went with bamboo flooring - a renewable material. I really like it and per square footage was the best price for a quality product. Man, I sound like a salesperson. But also the other big deciding factor for me was that I could install it all by myself. There is no gluing or nailing involved. Right up my alley - because I can use a table saw to cut pieces and then they just sort of snap into place.

So evidently I haven't been sewing those quilts. I have been working on charity quilts for my quilt guild and I just received a commission for a baby quilt - which I will post once it is made - its all about the surf board - I think the idea is so much fun.


Annette Piper said...

It looks GREAT! Kudos to you for doing it :)

Cherished Dreams said...

Thank you very much

industrialpoppy said...

Wow...I'm brave but not sure I would've tackled that alone! Very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Inspired by your multitude of talents. My sister's can do anything too!

I wouldn't consider tackling installing flooring, happy to have been an inspiration for going green when you can!