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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I made two sales this month - very exceiting

I have finally had a couple of sales this month. It just makes you feel better about what you are doing. The one piece that I sold, which has been a personal favorite of mine is my alphabet wall hanging. It is so colorful and so cute. I can just imagine a small child looking at.

I love to hear stories about children and I really loved my childhood. Which might be one reason why I don't have any. I sometimes think it couldn't be any better then mine. But Michelle of Michabella Creations seems to be have a great yet realistic mommyhood. Like my mom, she recognize that "mommy" is a better person with a little "me." Something I don't think that enough of us do any way, let alone moms - the hardest most loving job in the world.

Now Annette on the other hand is really just one a creative edge lately - and busy, busy, with the making and selling of her jewelry (gorgeous by the way). You should check out Under the Loupe. She has a real eye for color and arrangements. She is also another busy mom.

When it cools down here - like autumn I hope that I too will be busy, busy busy. Almost done with my baby quilt commission. I am so excited - surf boards and palm trees - for a baby no less. So much fun to do.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I DID IT - just a little Henry Higgins boast

Well with some hard work and an awful lot of procrastination I finally finished my Hoffman Challenge quilt project and she goes out tomorrow. Now all I have to do is bite my nails waiting to see if it makes it there. Hoffman Challenge is one of the many "contests" out there for quilters to show off their stuff and get feedback from experts and master quilt makers. It is very exciting to do it, but very nerve racking because you just never think that what you made is good enough.

But if you ever need inspiration I have to say that you need to keep Lily from Tulip's Talking in your hip pocket. She is just a bundle of excitement and creative energy. Her jewelry is sublime and I wouldn't mind eating at her house every now again. She described, with pictures included, a fabulous Halibut dinner that was made for her. I don't even really like Halibut, but I sure wanted to taste that meal. Wow.

Also as a fellow pet owner she seems to have the same take on them as I do. Here is another of my crazy kitties. She is hard to photograph, being a beautiful sable color, but she was looking her cute 7 years self here and little one year old Odin ( below him you can see Emmett, Sadie and Hilliard) in his favorite napping place - so enjoy!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It is Hot

Wow - the area I live in California can be just miserable in the summer time. Part of the central valley to day topped out at 112 degrees - breaking a record from something like 1986. Really not necessary, if you ask me. You simple can not do much of anything but sit a stare and sleep. You walk out of the door and it's like a hot wall hits you in the face. Also the breezes have finally died down and that only makes it worse. So why do I live here - well it's just beautiful - both the landscape and the people. Kinda of like Georgia O'Keeffe felt about New Mexico. The reality is that after 100 degrees its really makes no difference - its just when you see the number that your head goes into a tail spin.

Speaking of hot - the most current member Stacy of Squwigglzine is a pretty hot blogger. She just recently won an award for her blogging and you should check out the really cute tutus she makes. I love it when I see artists make items that allow children to have creative play. Her tutus really allow the young ones imaginations to fly. Check her out at .

I've also started teaching summer school - another session of Art Appreciation. We are just finishing up contemplating why, we as humans, create in the first place. The idea is really mind boggling to me. The idea that art and creativity is not absolutely necessary is of course a scary thought. But the truth is that we need it to have satisfying lives.
Humans need other stimulation then just food and shelter. They need to have outlets to answer those unanswerable questions that are out there in the world. Gosh - it makes my head spin - but in a good way!