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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Stuff

Well I finally made a new quilt for myself. It is from a book tht I found which I just love. I don't normally do someones else's pattern, because my brain generally goes in other directions, but I loved this one so much that I thought that I would make it for me.

Time is going all too quickly. I really can not believe that the summer is half gone and that we are hald way throught the year 2009. Where did the days go. I have busy every day and the ones that I am not I veggitate and sleep. My 'zoo' keeps me pretty busy when I am not at work or quilting, which I have been crazy with the last two weeks. I am eating and sleeping sewing and having so much fun. I do not want it to come to an end. Oh well .......... then reality sets in.

Here is my latest creation and a very cool picture of Stiefel. He's such a cool cat.

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