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Monday, October 13, 2008

I Wish

I wish I could figure this all out. What is blogging really and this whole ranking stuff. And how do you find out how you are ranked. How does this affect by ability to sell my quilts. I'm feeling good about stuff - but I still feel a little lost about all this networking. Hilary, however seems to have it all down a lot better then me. Designing Hilary is ranked two, if I read her blog correctly. Now don't get me wrong. I do understand that a higher ranking means that more people will possible visit your site - so forth and so on, but I still feel like I'm missing something. Either that, or I am not giving enough time to the computer. Honestly - I am so very busy doing other stuff.

Maybe I am a little old fashion (she says as she sits munching on bread that she made Saturday - yum). I have been trying to be more self sufficient - cooking my own meals, planting fruits and veggies. Believe it or not I occasionally receive a free rabbit from my neighbors hutch. I try to be more conscious of how and where I travel, use things that are more user friendly to the environment - which, actually, sometimes, requires more work. I putter around the house and yard so much when I am not at work and I have had to resort to going to a sewing room to get my sewing done. I say resort - but I love it - really allows me to concentrate, away from everything and just sew.

So how to get a handle on this blogging/networking thing and move it forward is all I'm asking. Is there some kind of thing that really aides a person like me.

Oh well - here are some pictures that I took today. My quilt guild does an opportunity quilt every year, which is raffled off. We are doing an art quilt this year based on orange blossoms, because we are the Orange Blossom Guild. Also in my area of California, we grow a lot of citrus. I have lemon blossoms right now and we needed examples for the quilt. I also attempted to photograph a butterfly - not easy.

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